Team Training

Whether we call it professional development or file it under another category, training teams in effective collaboration makes for happier, more productive and more resilient teams.

You and Your Team

"Grackle Conference on Wire" by Sawsan Khuri
“Grackle Conference on Wire” by Sawsan Khuri

About to join a team? About to recruit newcomers into your team? We provide training in team building and team work across a range of professions and business interests. We tailor each curriculum so that the learning outcomes are within the context of your business needs.

We work with people from diverse professional backgrounds who have an opportunity to collaborate, and equip them with the conceptual tools they need to work successfully as a team. Cross-professional communication, team dynamics, and building trust through understanding diverse business needs are some of the topics we work through.

Scientific Teams

Science students in a team training session
Science students in a team training session

Science is about teamwork, and teamwork is not intuitive. Scientists are expected to work in teams without having been taught about team dynamics, building trust, or conflict resolution. This becomes particularly relevant in cross-disciplinary teams that may include mixtures of scientists, artists, designers and others. We build teams for effective transdisciplinary collaboration, now called team science, and provide training for new and early career scientists in how to work with other disciplines more productively.