Innovation Workshops

Sometimes an idea needs a little help to emerge and input from others to mature. Always staying within your professional context, our workshops have been successful in business, higher education, science+art intersections, and in the public sector.

Design Thinking 

"Data Hall" by Patricia Van Dalen at CCS offices, University of Miami, Florida
“Data Hall” by Patricia Van Dalen at CCS offices, University of Miami, Florida, conceived at one of Sawsan’s innovation workshops

We run design thinking workshops over a defined concept or opportunity. A problem-solving technique made popular by the architecture community, design thinking methods combine both analysis and synthesis, and are highly effective in defining feasible solutions to a given problem. This sort of workshop is best suited for teams that have a project in mind, and need to figure out the best way of delivering it.


We run ideation workshops to get your team to dynamically come up with ideas for products or a solution to a problem, and then narrow the ideas down to those that are worth exploring further. A term that has come to represent the innovation process, ideation workshops are less structured around a project than design thinking workshops, and allow more synthesis of ideas to create new projects. Ideation workshops are best suited for teams that have a vague concept to collaborate on and a set of diverse skills among them, and need to define a project, or maybe two, that they can work on together.

To InnovateTM

“Perception” by Sawsan Khuri

Our experience allows us to design a workshop that meets the needs of your team, without the constraints of a formulaic workshop method. We may use concepts and techniques from known workshop methods, and add a few of our own into the mix. To Innovate workshops are best suited either for brand new teams faced with their first major challenge, or for teams who have been together for a while, and have been presented with a completely new challenge to work their way through.