We create, develop and deliver workshops for effective collaboration and innovation to professionals who want to work better together, increase productivity, and enhance their creative potential.

We work with you to enhance your collaborative power and boost your innovative capacity. New team, old team, about to join a team? We are here to help.

"Grackle Conference on Wire" by Sawsan KhuriTeam Training

Teams are often thrown together and told to get on with it. We believe that people work together better when they have been equipped with tools that build trust and enable growth. This is not ‘yet another session on communication’. We customize our training for teams within your professional context.

"Data Hall" by Patricia Van Dalen at CCS offices, University of Miami, FloridaInnovation Workshops

Do you have an opportunity to do something really cool? Based on a design thinking approach, our innovation workshops generate ideas and refine them to produce a set of actionable items and a clear message. Our innovation workshops follow a framework that is designed specifically for your team.

Launching the Places and Spaces Exhibit, University of Miami, FloridaMeeting and Moderating

Meetings can get stuck over a topic, and conferences can ramble on. Creative and analytical, with experience in science, tech, art and the intersections between them, we listen to your needs, work with you on a strategy and an agenda, and help you design and deliver a successful and memorable meeting or conference.